"Monthly power sector carbon dioxide emissions reach 27-year low in April"

Today in Energy, August 5, 2015  Principal contributor: Allen McFarland.
The electric power sector emitted 128 million metric tons of carbon dioxide (MMmt CO2) in April 2015, the lowest for any month since April 1988, according to the most recent estimates in EIA's Monthly Energy Review. see the rest of the story

"Ameren officially pulls plug on new Callaway nuke"

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, July 31, 2015, by Jacob Barker
Ameren Corp. officially pulled the plug on a new nuclear power plant in Callaway County, withdrawing its application for a second reactor from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. see the rest of the story


"Can SMRs Lead The U.S. Into A clean Energy Future?"
Forbes, Energy 2/16/2015 by James Conca, Contributor
If you thought the nuclear industry wasn't excited about the future of nuclear energy, think again.  We will soon have five new reactors online in the United States and the industry is abuzz with the potential of small modular nuclear reactors, or SMRs.  see the rest of the story 

Energy secretary pushes for nuclear power St. Louis Post-Dispatch, August 20, 2014
"Idaho Falls, Idaho - US Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz championed the use of nuclear power and urged politicians and leaders in the energy industry to adapt and modernize energy production to help minimize the fallout from global warming."


Ameren still interested in nuclear, despite natural gas's ascendance St. Louis Post-Dispatch, August 9, 2014


Decision close for Callaway license extension
St. Louois Post-Dispatch, August 9, 2014


Undergraduate, Logan Turk's Intern Experience with Westinghouse

Two Initiatives to be Funded
S&T has selected two initiatives to be funded.

S&T to Lead SMRrec Consortium
System campuses in Rolla and Columbia to work with industry leaders Ameren and Westinghouse Electric to bolster research in nuclear energy.


NEI Welcomes Suspension of $750 Million Nuclear Waste Fee
May 16, 2014
The Department of Energy this week notified holders of used nuclear fuel meant to be disposed of by the government that as of May 16 it would no longer collect the one-tenth-of-a-cent fee per kilowatt-hour of nuclear-generated electricity established under the Nuclear Waste Policy Act of 1982. The action was ordered by a federal court in light of DOE's termination of the Yucca Mountain repository program. The court decision prohibits future collection of the fee until DOE complies with the Nuclear Waste Policy Act or Congress enacts an alternative used fuel management plan.


Energy Research at Missouri University of Science and Technology
May 2014
As Missouri’s premier technological research university, Missouri University of Science and Technology (Missouri S&T), is focused on performing cutting edge research and preparing today’s students to become tomorrow’s leaders.Fiscal Year 2013 proved to be a strong year for research at Missouri S&T with a total of 265 research proposals awarded at a dollar value of $51.5M.

DOE RUN Earth Day Press Release
April 21, 2014
The DOE RUN Company celebrates Earth Day with cost-saving energy upgrades for local school districts.

Three S&T faculty members receive UM System President's Award
Missouri S&T News, March 21, 2014
Three members of the Missouri University of Science and Technology faculty [Mariesa Crow, Larry Gragg, and Curt Elmore] have been chosen to receive President’s Awards, the highest honor bestowed by the University of Missouri System, for excellence among the university’s four mission areas of teaching, research, service and economic development.

Tridec Chooses URS for Nuclear Power Study
March 5, 2014 by Annette Cary, Tri-City Herald
URS Corp. has been picked by the Tri-City Development Council to study the possible benefits of building a small modular nuclear reactor system on leased land at Hanford.

Women in Nuclear Energy - a Personal Story
February 26, 2014 By Sarah Kovaleski
I grew up to be a nuclear engineer, which is a profession where there are nine men for every woman.

Nuclear Energy Overview report
February 21-27, 2014
The Nuclear Energy Institute’s 2014 advertising campaign, unveiled this week, features four energy experts who will discuss the need for diversity in energy supply; jobs that are being created in the industry; nuclear energy’s leading role in producing clean, carbon-free power; and the future of energy.

Mid-Missouri lawmakers: State still needs nuclear expansion
Westinghouse pulling back from idea of small reactors
February 5, 2014 Jefferson City (MO) News Tribune
The Jefferson City (MO) News Tribune (2/5, Watson) reports that in spite of Westinghouse Electric’s plan to pull back from development of small modular reactor technology, Missouri leaders say the state must still “pursue a nuclear option for producing more electricity.” Missouri Sen. Kurt Schaefer said “Nuclear still is extremely important,” adding that its “going to be important, really, I believe, for the long term.” The article notes that twice, Westinghouse applied for DOE funding through its SMR commercialization program. With partners, AmerenMissouri, the state’s other investor-owned utilities, the electric cooperatives and the municipal generators like Columbia and Fulton, Westinghouse “estimated each 225-megawatt SMR could provide power to about 45,000 residential homes,” and it pledged to add SMRs to the Callaway nuclear plant site. But twice, Westinghouse lost the funding effort and it now plans to “pull back from SMRs.”

Going nuclear - and small - with new type of reactor
January 27, 2014 CNBC by: Javier E. David
The fortunes of the battered nuclear power sector may hinge on the development of small- and medium-sized reactors (SMRs), now being heralded by some as industry as the next wave in the industry.

S&T Modular Reactor Consortium Funds Two Initiatives
January 14, 2014 by Peter Ehrhard, Missouri S&T
Missouri’s multi-university Small Modular Reactor (SMR) Research and Education Consortium, led by Missouri University of Science and Technology, has selected its first two research initiatives for funding.

Rolla Regional Economic Commission article on SMR Project
‌December 20, 2013 by Eddie O'Niell, Rolla Daily News

Question-and-answer session at the Rolla Regional Economic Commission (RREC) annual meeting with Michael Kearney, manager of economic commission for Ameren, Dr. K. Krishnamurthy, vice provost for research at Missouri S&T, Dr. Joseph Smith, Laufer Endowed Energy Chair and director of the Energy Research and Development Center at S&T, and Subash Alias, vice president of business recruitment at the Missouri Partnership.

Missouri S&T Solar House Competition 2013

The Missouri S&T Solar House Team is the only team in the world today that has been accepted to compete in five out of the six U.S. Solar Decathlons. In this video, you can see the creation of their fifth home, the Chameleon House! The Chameleon House is unique in the fact that its home automation system adapts the interior space in the most efficient way possible by looking at all options to heat and cool the space. Whether it be opening the automatic windows, or turning on its efficient air conditioning unit, it will find the most cost-effective way to condition the home. Watch as the Missouri S&T Solar House Team builds the Chameleon House from scratch! The team spent two years designing this home, and in this video you can see how their designs came to life for the 2013 Solar Decathlon competition.

Now that the house has made its journey back to Rolla, MO following the Solar Decathlon, it will become the first installment of a new Solar Village. Our current village of four past competition homes has been a great learning and outreach tool for the Solar House Team. To keep up with the ever growing number of homes being produced by the team, Missouri S&T has allocated a large plot of land nestled in between the football stadium, golf course and Innovation Center. This plot will have the space for up to 6 new homes including the Chameleon House. Once the house is reassembled in the spring of 2014, it will become a meeting space and office area for the team to use as a new design comes to life. This will serve as a testing period for the homes systems to make sure that everything is operational and safe for a full time resident. After the testing, the home will be open for use as student housing. Students and faculty can apply for a spot to actually live in and enjoy the homes on the Missouri S&T campus. The home will also be available for research of sustainable technologies and techniques. This will provide even more students with hands on experience of what it means to go green.

The team is currently hard at work on yet another Solar Decathlon proposal for a chance to compete in the US DOE Solar Decathlon 2015. The team is taking all of the lessons learned throughout the 2013 competition and applying the knowledge to build a winning home. Several concepts are being discussed and developed for the proposal which is due at the end of December.

Haloalkaliphilic Bacteria in a Biofuel Cell
November 26, 2013 by Melanie Mormile, Biological Sciences, Missouri S&T

Microbial fuel cells (MFCs) are well known for producing electricity from a number of materials, ranging from sugars to sewage effluent. These MFCs typically operate at neutral pH values. Dr. Melane Mormile and her collegues have demonstrated that electricity can be produced in MFCs operated at a pH extreme of 11.0 by using a haloalkaliphilic bacterium that was isolated from Soap Lake, Washington. Though the prouction of electricity was modest, this work demonstrates that MFCs can be operated under high alkaline conditions by utilizing extremophilic bacteria.

Small Modular Reactors Angling to Fill Nuclear Niche
September 10, 2013 by Conway Irwin, Breaking Energy

US Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz has alluded to the promise of small modular reactors (SMRs) multiple times over the past few months, noting that they may offer benefits in terms of financing, costs and security, but warning that realistic expectations suggest these reactors are unlikely to come onstream for almost a decade.

“We remain very interested in pursuing small modular reactors as a technology option for the future,” he said in Washington, DC in June. “We don’t know at this stage what the cost is, and that’s why we’re helping to move some new technologies towards licensing,” but “this would change a lot of the dynamics around how nuclear power’s deployed, particularly the financing structure.” (more)

Westinghouse Brushes Off SMR Criticism
Aug 9, 2013 by Malia Spencer, Pittsburgh Business Times

The team developing the small modular reactor design at Westinghouse Electric Co. LLC is taking in stride a report issued this week critical of such designs.

“I read the report and the conclusions don’t seem to be based on solid foundations or references that I can see in how they came up with the conclusions,” said John Goossen, vice president of innovation and SMR development at Cranberry-based Westinghouse. (more)

Ameren Nuclear Power Director Gets Close to Reactor (Audio Interview)
August 6, 2013 by Bob Priddy, Missourinet.

Ameren-Missouri expects to learn next month if it will get at least $150,000,000 federal dollars to help it develop small modular nuclear reactors in Missouri. The energy department approved funding for a Tennessee consortium to develop SMRs, as they’re called, as last year—a disappointment to Ameren. But Ameren and its partner, Westinghouse, have quickly filed for second-round funding.

Ameren Nuclear Power Director Scott Bond recently spent time on a nuclear submarine with familiar technology. “(The sub) was built with the same modular construction techniques that we’re talking about building these small modular reactors,” he says. (more)

Ameren Corp: UM System Announces Partnership with Industry in Small Modular Reactor Consortium, 4-traders, July 31, 2013

Consortium Pushes Ahead on Small Nuclear Reactor Efforts, by: Karyn Spory, Columbia Daily Tribune, July 30, 2013

MU, Missouri S&T Announce Small Modular Nuclear Reactor Consortium, by Brendan Gibbons, Columbia Missourian, July 30, 2013

System Campuses in Rolla and Columbia to Work with Industry Leaders Ameren and Westinghouse Electric to Bolster Research in Nuclear Energy. Missouri S&T Press Release, July 29, 2013

$3.4 Million Donated for Energy Chair

Missouri University of Science and Technology, a national leader in energy research and education, will soon strengthen that emphasis thanks to a $3.4 million gift from a retired oil and natural gas executive and graduate of the university.

to read the entire article.

Best Paper Award ... Congratulations!

Congratulations to Varun Lobo, Nyuykighan Mainsah, Arindam Banerjee and Jonathan Kimball, authors of the paper entitled "Design Feasibility of a Vortex Induced Vibration Based Hydro-Kinetic Energy Harvesting System," selected for the Best Paper Award which will be presented at the IEEEGreen Technologies Conference in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, April 14-15, 2011.

The IEEE Green Technologies Conference provides a forum for professionals from around the world to work together to develop realistic solutions to address the current energy crisis, reduce carbon emissions and greenhouse gases.


S&T researchers to develop renewable energy technologies for military installations

October 6, 2009 10:35 AM

Researchers at Missouri University of Science and Technology have received a $3.45 million grant from the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) to develop renewable energy technologies for advanced military installations.

The research focuses on ways to diversify fuel sources in order to reduce the dependence of air bases on fossil fuels and diesel generation. The investigators will look for ways to improve the efficiency of fuel cells and hydrogen production, decrease the size of fuel cells for mobility, and integrate wind and solar generation as part of a sustainable base microgrid.

"We are developing ways for the military to incorporate smart, renewable energy systems in order to efficiently power their efforts in the field," says Dr. Mariesa Crow, the Fred W. Finley Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Missouri S&T and Director of the university's Energy Research and Development Center.

Missouri S&T faculty members involved include Crow; Dr. Fatih Dogan, professor of materials science and engineering; Dr. Frank Liou, professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering; and Dr. K.B. Lee, professor of chemical and biological engineering.

Research on the projects sponsored by the AFRL is expected to be ongoing at Missouri S&T through July of 2012.


S&T team to unveil EcoCAR during GM Day in Rolla

October 1, 2009 8:47 AM

Missouri University of Science and Technology and Fairground Auto Plaza are hosting GM Day Saturday, Oct. 3, in Rolla as part of National Energy Awareness Month. During the event, a team of students from Missouri S&T will unveil a 2009 Saturn VUE that has been donated by GM for use in a new collegiate advanced vehicle technology competition.

The general public is invited to the event, which will be held from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at Missouri S&T's E3 Commons facility, located on Collegiate Station Blvd.

Seventeen universities across the United States and Canada, including Missouri S&T, have been invited to re-engineer a 2009 Saturn VUE to further minimize fuel consumption and reduce emissions while retaining the car's performance and consumer appeal. Organizers of the three-year competition, EcoCar: The NeXt Challenge, hope to inspire the next generation of automotive leaders by giving them the tools and experience necessary to secure a more energy-efficient future.

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Young researchers selected to attend international hydrogen conference

September 28, 2009 2:08 PM

Five graduate students and one young faculty member from Missouri University of Science and Technology have been invited to present papers at the World Congress of Young Scientists on Hydrogen Energy Systems to be held Oct. 7-9 in Torino, Italy.

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Alumnus, wife $3 Million Gift to Fund Endowed Energy Chair!

September 20, 2009 5:04 PM

Missouri University of Science and Technology, a national leader in energy research and education, will soon strengthen that emphasis thanks to a $3 million gift from a retired oil and natural gas executive and graduate of the university.

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Solar Cars to Stop in Rolla During 2010 Race

September 8, 2009

Race organizers have officially announced the checkpoint locations for the 2010 American Solar Challenge. On June 23, 2010, the solar cars will stop for the day in Rolla, Mo., home of Missouri University of Science and Technology.

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August, 2009 $5 Million for Plug-in Electric Vehicle Project

Missouri University of Science and Technology will receive $5 million in federal funding to provide educational and training programs for a new electric vehicle initiative in Missouri.

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August 20, 2009 Solar Homes Continue to Educate

The S&T Solar House Team is moving ahead quite well with the new solar house, and in late September it will be on the way to Washington D.C. We'll have some stories about that project shortly, but in the meantime the three solar homes the Miners built for previous Solar Decathlons continue to serve as outreach and research facilities for Missouri citizens, to say nothing of being wonderful housing for three lucky S&T students.

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April 2009 Graduate Research Showcase Winners

Daniel Vidt , was the first place winner and Varun Paul, was the third place winner in the third session of the Graduate Research Showcase hosted by the Council of Graduate Studies (CGS) as part of the celebration of Graduate Studies Week. Graduate students showcased their research in form of a poster presentation. It was a 2 day event held on April 13 and April 14, 2009. The posters were presented in four sessions with the total participation leading to more than 70.

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March 2009 On The Cutting Edge of Green Technology

Missouri S&T students compete in the Idea-to-Product Competition and the Global Venture Challenge

ROLLA, Mo. – Students from Missouri University of Science and Technology (Missouri S&T) competed in the Regional Idea-to-Product Competition and the Global Venture Challenge. Their concept for a new energy management integration platform placed second in the Energy track in the Regional Idea-to-Product Competition.

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