Investigators - Electrical and Computer Engineering

Faculty members pursuing energy-related research, who are affiliated with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering ( follow.  Click on the person's name to view a brief description of their research interests or click on the web site for more information. Click on an e-mail address to correspond. You may also find additional information by clicking at the left on the 'Research/Publications' category.

Mariesa L. Crow,,

Mehdi Ferdowsi,,

Jhi-Young Joo

Jonathan W. Kimball,,

Pourya Shamsi,,

Yiyu Shi,,

Dr. Mariesa Crow's research interest are: Power-electronic applications in bulk power systems (FACTS), including energy storage and renewable energy. Computer-aided analysis of power systems dynamics and security analysis.

Keywords: power systems engineering, renewable energy, microgrids, energy storage

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Dr. Mehdi Ferdowsi's research interests are:

  • Power and energy conversion
  • Power electronics
  • Hybrid and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles
  • Power and energy management
  • Renewable energy sources
  • Ultracapacitor-enhanced energy storage systems and motor drives
  • Applications of digital control techniques in power electronics
  • Multilevel converters
  • Fuel cells
  • Flywheels

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Dr. Jonathan Kimball's research interests include power electronics applications for alternative energy. Specific areas of interest include solar energy for on-grid and off-grid applications; hydrokinetic generators and power conversion; and cyber-physical system analysis for microgrids and other finite inertia power systems with high penetration of power electronics.

Keywords: solar energy systems, photovoltaic power converters, hydrokinetic energy, microgrids

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Dr. Jhi-Young Joo's research interests include:  modeling and optimization of electric power system and markets, demand response and energy management, renewable energy integration into power systems, scheduling of distributed resources, integration of microgrids into large bulk power systems

Keywords:  power systems, electricity markets, demand response, energy management, renewable energy, microgrids

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Dr. Pourya Shamsi's research interests include power electronics and smart grid technologies. His specific areas of interest include renewable energy harvesting, distributed generation, power conversion, control of power electronic converters, microgrids, smart grids, cyber-physical systems analysis for power grid applications, and motor drives.

Keywords: power electronics, renewable energy systems, distributed generation, microgrids, control, smart grids

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Dr. Yiyu Shi's research interests are: Novel circuits and architectures powered by renewable energy, analysis and optimization of energy storage system, and synergies between design automation and smart grid. He has recently started to work on the design of the industry's first "self-evolvable" solar lamps, which is supported by Shanghai Ya-ming Lighting company, the largest lighting company in China.

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