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Faculty members pursuing energy-related research, who are affiliated with the Department of Economics ( follow. Click on the web site for more information. Click on an e-mail address to correspond. You may also find additional information by clicking at the left on the 'Research/Publications' category.

Mahelet Fikru,,

Gregory Gelles,,


Dr. Mahelet Fikru states that the general purpose of her research is to understand the relationship between environmental performance of firms and their strategic decision-making in different market structures and industries. Two dominant yet related themes have emerged in her current research agenda:

  1. develop meaningful quantitative indicators to measure the environmental performance of firms; and study why some firms or industries do better than others (e.g. the effect of environmental policies)
  2. examine reasons behind firms’ strategic decision-making like mergers, acquisitions, etc.

In the area of energy, she is interested in looking at how changes in meteorological variables affect energy production and consumption in solar houses built with efficiency considerations.

Dr. Greg Gelles' research interests, as an economist and engineer, include cost/benefit analysis of renewable energy, and in particular the economic costs and benefits of manufacturing methanol, ethanol and butanol from corn and other organic compounds. He is also interested in the energy savings generated by the recycling of metals, and in particular aluminum recycling.

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