Investigators - Metallurgical Engineering

 Faculty members pursuing energy-related research, who are affiliated with the Department of Metallurgical Engineering ( follow. Click on the person's name to view a brief description of their research interests or click on the web site for more information. Click on an e-mail address to correspond. You may also find additional information by clicking at the left on the 'Research/Publications' category.

Joseph W. Newkirk,,

Matt O'Keefe,,

Dr. Joseph W. Newkirk is currently an Associate Professor of Metallurgical Engineering in the Department of Material Science & Engineering. In addition to his involvement in the Energy Center, he is also an investigator in the Center for Advanced Manufacturing Technology. His research includes powder metallurgy, the development of wear and corrosion resistant alloys, high temperature materials, nuclear materials, and aerospace materials.

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Dr. Matt O'Keefe is currently a Professor of Metallurgical Engineering in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and Director of the Graduate Center for Materials Research at Missouri S&T. His research specializes in the deposition, characterization and industrial use of thin films, coatings, and environmentally friendly materials and processes for corrosion, wear, energy, and microelectronic applications.(Other Web links: and )

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