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Faculty members pursuing energy-related research, who are affiliated with the Department of Nuclear Engineering ( follow. Click on the individual web site for more information. Click on an e-mail address to correspond. You may also find additional information on them and their projects by clicking on the 'Research/Publications'.

Carlos H. Castano,,

Hyoung-Koo (Hank) Lee,,

Xin Liu,,

Joshua Schlegel,,

Shoaib Usman,,

Dr. Carlos H. Castano's research interests include energy sources using electrochemistry and nuclear energy including production of nanoparticles with nuclear radiation. Fatigue, corrosion, and including friction stir welding (FSW) in oxide dispersion strengthened (ODS) alloys. Simulation and validation of models for our nuclear reactor (MSTR). Field emission and vacuum breakdown prevention for small X-ray sources. Radiochemistry and nuclear forensics.

Keywords: Nuclear energy, nuclear materials (corrosion, irradiation, fatigue, ODS alloys), nanoparticles by gamma irradiation, field emission and vacuum breakdown, MSTR simulation and validation, radiochemistry

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Dr. Hyoung-Koo (Hank) Lee's research interests include:

  • Non-destructive imaging and analysis of mechanical structures of power plants
  • Application of CTtechnologies to energy related material research
  • X-ray, gamma ray or neutron imaging solutions for investigation or testing of structures or substances that cannot be seen outside
  • Noninvasive power monitoring of nuclear reactor core
  • Neutron and X-ray combined computed tomography
  • Flat panel X-ray source for NDT

Keywords: radiation imaging, nondestructive testing (NDT), nuclear reactor power monitoring, radiation detection
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Dr. Xin Liu research interests include:

  • Quantitative x-ray/neutron imaging
  • Advanced imaging system design
  • Image processing
  • Radiation measurement and spectroscopy
  • Monte Carlo simulation
  • Nuclear energy system design
  • Nuclear well logging

Keywords: radiation detection and spectroscopy; Monte Carlo simulation; medical imaging; nuclear energy system; nuclear medicine
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Dr. Joshua Schlegel has been researching nuclear reactor thermal-hydraulics and two-phase flows for several years. This work has included experimental, analytical and numerical studies such as the development of an objective error-minimization algorithm for benchmarking the interfacial area transport equation, the development of specialized impedance void meters, and the development of models intended to improve the modeling of interfacial drag and interfacial area transport in large diameter channels in advanced thermal-hydraulics analysis codes.

His current research interests include:

  • Advanced instrumentation for two-phase flows
  • Experimental measurement of interfacial are concentration and other two-phase flow parameters
  • Continued development of the interfacial area transport equation
  • Implementation of interfacial area transport in CFD codes
  • Hydrodynamic models for two-phase flows in CFD
  • Advanced light water reactor safety and passive safety systems
  • Thermal-hydraulics and safety analysis of small modular reactors

Keywords: nuclear, thermal-hydraulics, interfacial area, CFD, safety, small modular reactor
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Dr. Shoaib Usman's research interests include:Radiation transport, radiation protection, radioactive waste management

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