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Baojun Bai,,

Mingzhen Wei,

Dr. Baojun Bai is responsible for teaching drilling engineering, well logging, natural gas engineering and production lab. His research interest focuses on three general categories: (1) Methods to enhance oil recovery (EOR/IOR technologies) using gel, polymer, surfactant, biosurfactant, CO2/CO2 foam, and SAGD, (2) Geological carbon sequestration, and (3) Reservoir characterization and simulation. His research approach encompasses field, laboratory, and modeling studies.

Dr. Bai was in charge of over 10 major oil company and government funded projects in the areas of conformance control and polymer flooding in China before he came to the USA for his second PhD degree in Petroleum Engineering in 2002. For example, he initiated an in-depth fluid diversion technology using preformed particle gel which has been applied more than 2,000 wells and has become one of the most successful conformance control methods for mature waterflood oilfields in China. He performed his research as a graduate research assistant in the area of CO 2 foam flooding which was supported by US DOE in New Mexico Petroleum Recovery Research Center (PRRC) from May 2002 to June 2005. He joined the Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Department at Caltech in July 2005 as a Postdoc to perform EOR research projects which were supported by US DOE and Industries (Chevron, Shell, Saudi-Aramco), including bio-engineering methods to produce biosurfactants, surfactant imibition for enhancing carbonate oil recovery, and evaluation of commercial polymers for polymer flooding and nanogels for conformance control treatment.

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Dr. Mingzhen Wei's research interests include data mining and data quality enhancement, application development to support digital oilfield initiations and reservoir engineering study for unconventional oil and gas development. Her teaching interests include reservoir simulation, natural gas engineering , and advanced applied reservoir engineering.

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