Selected Research Grants

Infrared Perfect Absorbers and Thermal Emitters with Tunable Bandwidth Based on Metamaterial Cavities, (PI: Xiaodong Yang, Co-PI: Jie Gao)
Collaborative Research: Advanced Zeolite-Composite Absorbents with Fine-Tuned Pore Sizes for Molecular Sieving Separations, (PI: Sinhua Liang)
Modeling and Experiment of High Power Radio-Frequency Effects on Printed Circuit Boards and their Embedded Chipsets (PI: Daryl Beetner, Co-PIs: Yiyu Shi, David Pommerenke)
Thermo-plasmonics in engineered metallic nanostructures: nanoscale focusing of light and heat generation, (PI: Xiaodong Yang)
Sustainable Supply Chains for Small Modular Reactors - Sponsor: Small Modular Reactor Research and Education Consortium (PI: Kwame Awuah-Offei, Co-PIs: Suzanna Long and Shoaib Usman)
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Model Verification and Validation Using Advanced Non-Invasive Visualization Technique for Scaled-Down Core of Westinghouse SMR - Sponsor: Small Modular Reactor Research and Education Consortium (PI: Joseph Smith, Co-PI: Muthanna Al-Dahhan)
A Uniform and Comprehensive Shear-wave Splitting Data Set for North America:  Phase I - Western and Central United States - Sponsor: Incorporated Research Institutes for Seismology (IRIS)  (PI:  Kelly Liu, Co-PI: Stephen Gao)
Future Renewable Electric Energy Delivery and Management (FREEDM) Center, Year 6 - Sponsor: National Science Foundation, North Carolina State Univeristy, (PI: Mariesa Crow, Co-PIs: Mehdi Ferdowsi, Jonathan Kimball, Bruce McMillin)
Plaasmonic force Propulsion Revolutionizes Nano/Pico-Satelite - Sponsor: National Aeronautics and Space Administration, (PI: Joshua Rovey, Co-PI: Xiaodong Yang)
Enabling Secure, Scalable Microgrids with High Penetration Renwables - Sponsor:  Sandia National Lab, (PI: Mariesa Crow, Co-PI: Curt Elmore)
I/UCRC: Net-Centric Software Systems Center Site at MS&T - Sponsor: National Science Foundation, (PI: Sanjay Madria, Co-PIs: Yiyu She, Sriram Chellappan)
XPS:CLCCA: Collaborative: Dynamic Thermal-Reliability Managmeent in 3D IC for Sustainable Exascale Computing  -  Sponsor: National Science Foundation, (PI: Minsu Choi, Co-PI: Yiyu Shi)
CNIC: Catalyzing New International Collaboration on Novel Sensor Design for Three-Dimensional Integrated Circuits - Sponsor: National Science Foundation, (PI: Yiyu Shi)
Collaborative Research: Computationally Efficient Solvers for Power System Simulation - Sponsor: National Science Foundation, (PI: Mariesa Crow, Co-PI: Maggie Cheng)
A Framework for Complexity Management in Virtual Forward Operating Base Camps - Sponsor: US Army Engineering Research and Development Center, (PI: Steven Corns, Co-PI: Suzanna Long)
Computational Intelligence Techniques for Situational Awareness in Computing Networks - Sponsor:  Sandia National Lab, (PI: Daniel Tauritz)
Techno-Economic Analysis of a Hybrid Energy System for Doe Run - sponsor: Doe Run Company, (PI:  Joseph Smith)
Enhanced Dielectric Breakdown Strength and Permittivity Composites (supplement) - sponsor Office of Naval Research, (PI: Thomas Schuman, Co-PI: Fatih Dogan)
NSF I/UCRC: Net-Centric Software Systems Center Site at MS&T - Sponsor National Science Foundation, (PI: Sanjay Madria, Co-PI: Yiyu Shi, Sriram Chellappan)
Longitudinal Useful Life Analysis and Replacement Strategies for LED Traffic Indicators - Sponsor: Missouri Department of Transportation, (PI: Suzanna Long, Co-PIs: Mariesa Crow, C. Wu, A. Gosavi, Ruwen Qin)
Mantle Anisotropic Structure and Dynamics Beneath the Western United States:  Constraints from Shear-wave Splitting Analysis - Sponsor: National Science Foundation, (PI: Kelly Liu, Co-PI: Stephen Gao)
Coating Ultra-Thin Si3N4 Films on Particles - Sponsor: Pneumaticoat Technologies LLC, (PI: Xinhua Liang)
Infrastructure Upgrade of Radiation Measurement Spectroscopy Laboratory at Missouri S&T - Sponsor: Department of Energy, (PI: Hyoung Koo Lee, Co-PIs: Shoaib Usman, Xin Liu, and Muthanna Al Dahhan)
Comprehensive Analyses of Broadband Seismic Data Recorded in the Afar Depression, Ethiopia - Sponsor: Global Exploration Concepts Program, (PI:  Stephen Gao, Co-PI: Kelly Liu)
Laboratory on Nuclear Materials Corrosion towards Understanding Ageing Mitigation in Light Water Reactors (NE 341 - Nuclear Materials in Missouri S&T) - Sponsor: Nuclar Regulatory Commission, (PI: Carlos Henry Castano, Co-PI: Shoaib Usman)
Water Management in  Mature Oil Fields Using Advanced Particle Gels - Sponsor: University of Texas, Austin (PI: Baojun Bai, Co-PI: Mingzhen Wei)
Study and Pilot Test of Preformed Particle Gel Conformance Control Combining with Surfactant Treatment - Sponsor: Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America, (PI: Baojun Bai, Co-PIs: Shari Dun Norman, Parthasakha Neogi, and Mingzhen Wei)
Gamma Ray Densitometry for Oil Flowing Pipes - Sponsor: Shell Exploration & Prod Co., (PI: Muthanna Al Dahhan)
Stochastic Transient Stability Analysis for Structure Preserved Electric Power Systems - Sponsor: National Science Foundation, (PI: Mariesa Crow)
Future Renewable Electric Energy Delivery and Management (FREEDM) Center   -Sponsor:  NSF in conjunction with North Carolina State University, (PI:  Mariesa L. Crow, Co-PIs: Bruce McMillin, Mehdi Ferdowsi, Jonathan Kimball)
Building scale off-grid renewable Energy System for Fort Leonard Wood - Sponsor US Army Corp of Engineers, (PI: A. Curt Elmore, Co-PI: Mariesa Crow)
US-Brazil Consortium for Sustainable Drinking Water Studies - Sponsor: US Department of Education, (PI: A. Curt Elmore, Co-PI: Jeff Cawlfield)
Facilitate research on Electric Vehicle and Power Management Technologies - Sponsor: Smith Electric Vehicles U.S., (PI: Mehdi Ferdowsi, Co-PI: Angela Rolufs)
Selective Source AC/DC Power Supply - Sponsor: Environmental Protection Agency, (PI: Jonathan Kimball)

REU Site: Technologies for Renewable Energy Generation and Management - Sponsor: National Science Foundation, (PI: Jonathan Kimball, Co-PIs: Arindam Banerjee, Stuart Baur, Joel Burken, A. Curt Elmore, Mehdi Ferdowsi)

Safe Modular AC Residential Transforming PhotoVoltaics (SMARTPV) - Sponsor: Department of Energy, (PI: Jonathan Kimball, Co-PIs: Mehdi Ferdowsi and Angela Rolufs)
Common Correctness for Protecting Confidentiality Critical Infrastructure Systems - Sponsor: National Security Agency, (PI: Bruce McMillin, Co-PIs: Sahra Sedighsarvestani and Daniel Tauritz)
The Use of Power Plant Flue Gas to Grow Algae as an Attempt to Reduce CO2 Gas Emissions - Sponsor: Lincoln University, (PI:  Paul Nam)
Microalgae Cultivation for CO2 Bioremediation and Biofuel Production - Sponsor: Lincoln University, (PI:  Paul Nam)
Energy Conversion and Loss Processes in Heavy Gas, Field-Reversed Configuration Electric Thruster Plasma - Sponsor: Air Force Office of Scientific Research, (PI: Joshua Rovey)

Attack and Event Representation in Electric Power Transmission Systems - Sponsor: Sandia National Lab, (PI: Daniel Tauritz)

Enhanced Bipolar Optical Forces and Optomechanics in Engineered Plasmonic Nanostructures - Sponsor: Oak Ridge Associated University, (PI: Xiaodong Yang)