Research Projects

Selected Research Projects, Awarded after July 1, 2013  

Study and Pilot Test of Preformed Particle Gel Conformance Control, Sponsor: Research Partner to Secure Energy for America, (PI: Baojun Bai, Co-PIs: Shari Dunn-Norman, Parthasakha Neogi and Mingzhen Wei)

A Framework for Complexity Management in Virtual Forward Operating Base Camps, Sponsor: US Army Engineering Research and Development Center, (PI: Steven Corns)

Collaborative Research: Computationally Efficient Solvers for Power System Simulation, Sponsor: National Science Foundation, (PI: Mariesa L. Crow, Co-PI: Maggie Cheng)

Future Renewable Electric Energy Delivery and Management (FREEDM) Center, Sponsor: North Carolina State University, (PI: Mariesa L. Crow, Co-PIs: Bruce McMillin, Mehdi Ferdowsi,  Jonathan Kimball)

Advanced Electric Drive Vehicle, Sponsor:Department of Energy (PI: Mehdi Ferdowsi, Co-PI: Fatih Dogan, Jonathan Kimball, Mariesa Crow, Suzanna Long, Angela Rolufs, Steven Corns)

Surface Functionalization of Fine Diamond Particles, Sponsor: National Oilwell Varco, (PI: Xinhua Liang)

Information and System Assurance for Critical Infrastructure, Sponsor: US Department of Education (PI: Bruce McMillin, Co-PIs: Mariesa Crow, Sahra Sedighsarvestai, Alireza Hurson, Genda Chen, Joel Burken, and Cihan Dagli)

Integrated System to Produce Microalgal Biomass for Biodiesel, Ethanol, and Biofertilizer, Sponsor: Lincoln University, (PI: Paul Nam)

Energy conversion and Loss Processes in Heavy Gas, Field-Reversed Configuration Electric Thruster Plasma, Sponsor: Air Force Office of Scientific Research (PI: Joshua Rovey)

Design and Development of Two 100kW 3-phase Inverters, Sponsor: University of Texas, (PI: Pourya Shamsi)

Catalyzing New International Collaboration on Novel Sensor Design, Sponsor: National Science Foundation, (PI: Yiyu Shi)

Techno-Economic Analysis of a Hybrid Energy System, Sponsor: Microgrid Energy (PI: Joseph Smith)

Computational Intelligence Techniques for Situational Awareness in Computing Networks, Sponsor: Sandia National Lab, (PI: Daniel Tauritz)

Water Management in Mature Oil Fields Using Advanced Particle Gels, Sponsor: University of Texas - Austin (PI: Mingzhen Wei)